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Select multiple objects such as drawings, text, balloons, and frame borders to align or neatly arrange them with equal spacing. Create complex gradients using multiple colors or black-and-white gradients made of dots and lines for comic use. Features just for drawing so you can create comics the way you want. Find your perfect balance of traditional and digital techniques for a seamless workflow. Clip Studio Paint comes with features to clean up and extract line art from paper, even erasing dust picked up by scanners.
Draw smooth, crisp lines or create weighted lines without ever applying pressure to your pen! Weighted lines can be created with a function that calibrates pen pressure based on multiple test brushstrokes. Upload multi-page works on Clip Studio SHARE, from comics, to illustration portfolios, or vertically scrolling webtoons.
With 1000 new materials every month on Clip Studio ASSETS, you’ll always find something to match your personal style. You can also import Photoshop dual brushes (ABR) and customize every aspect of your brushes, giving you a limitless supply of tools. Before printing check the binding and finish of the final product with the 3D preview feature.
As a self confessed old technophobe, it’s incredibly easy to learn… Whether you’re stuck on a new feature or need technical help, you can rely on our free customer support. We’re proud of our excellent customer satisfaction rate, and happy to be there when you need us. The developer, SHUEISHA Inc., indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below.
My art journey has taken me through many art programs, and I can confidently say that there is no better software for making comics than Clip Studio Paint. In the several years I’ve made webtoons professionally, Clip Studio Paint’s features and tools have helped me produce weekly work without ever compromising on quality. With specialized comic features and a paper-like drawing experience, Clip Studio Paint is used by professionals and studios worldwide. Sketch, ink, color, and publish your next story, all in the industry-standard comic, manga, and webtoon tool. Manga is a style of comic books and graphic novels from Japan or influenced by Japanese style comics. The cover is often colorful and vibrant, while the pages are in black and white.
Sakuragi is very unpopular with girls, having been rejected an astonishing fifty times. In his first year at Shohoku High School, he meets Haruko Akagi, the girl of his dreams, and is overjoyed when she is not repulsed or scared of him like all the other girls he has asked out. Haruko, recognizing Sakuragi’s athleticism, introduces him to the Shohoku basketball team. Sakuragi is reluctant to join the team at first, as he has no prior experience in sports and thinks that basketball is a game for losers because his fiftieth rejection was in favor of a basketball player. Despite his extreme immaturity and fiery temper, he proves to be a natural athlete and joins the team, mainly in the hopes of impressing and getting closer to Haruko. Load, edit, and save PSD and PSB data while maintaining layers while seamlessly switching between programs.
These volumes often use higher-quality paper, and are useful to those who want to “catch up” with a series so they can follow it in the magazines or if they find the cost of the weeklies or monthlies to be prohibitive. “Deluxe” versions have also been printed as readers have gotten older and the need for something special grew. Old manga have also been reprinted using somewhat lesser quality paper and sold for 100 yen (about $1 U.S. dollar) each to compete with the used book market. If you’re new to manga, you might be wondering what the difference is between manga and anime. Anime is a style of hand-drawn animation originating from Japan, often filled with colorful graphics and an action-packed plot.
You can create every stroke exactly as you imagine with our powerful brush engine. Clip Studio Paint works with your device to reflect every nuance of your pen, even up to the 8192 levels of pen pressure detected by Wacom tablets. Spread the word with your content and get a kickback on each sale you bring. Work files can be output to e-book formats such as Kindle and EPUB.
It reads a hand’s pose live from your device’s camera and applies it to the hand of a 3D drawing figure. Set up simple 3D primitive shapes as frameworks for drawing objects and scenes, or even use them as building blocks for more complex materials. Use dedicated tools for creating balloons with a wide variety of shapes, tail positions, lengths, border thicknesses, and colors. Choose from a variety of rulers to support your drawings, from lines to shapes. Draw saturated lines, stream lines, and other effect lines by selecting the area you want them to be created around.
You can even choose how your work is viewed – as a book or as a scroll – for easy reading. With the Teamwork function, multiple users can collaborate with team members to create and edit different pages on a single multi-page work file uploaded to the cloud. Anything you create such as materials, works, and software settings, can all be saved on the cloud. Use your materials, works, and software settings at home, work, or school. Import your own files or download pre-made buildings, furniture, crowds, vehicles, and many other materials to lay down your composition.
Both manga comics and anime are available in a wide range of genres. Popular genres include fantasy, adventure, romance, thriller, and mystery. Slam Dunk (stylized in all caps) is a Japanese sports manga series written and illustrated by Takehiko Inoue. It was serialized in Shueisha’s shōnen manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump from October 1990 to June 1996, with the chapters collected into 31 tankōbon volumes. It tells the story of a basketball team from Shōhoku High School in the Shōnan area of Japan.
manga Tone materials offer endless applications such as clothing patterns, backgrounds, effects, and textures. Use various tools to add, remove, paint tones, or change a tone’s pattern immediately after pasting it. You can even convert color and gray images into tone with a single click. มังงะ

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